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At OOC we offer projects throughout Luton and the surrounding areas for academically challenged young people aged between 8 and 20 years (or 25 for those with special educational needs). All our projects are completely free and run weekly, lasting for around 12 months.

During these weekly sessions, staff create a positive, non- judgmental learning environment where every young person is offered the opportunity to try new activities and skills which include creative arts, working with animals and physical activities such as gardening and sport.

If a young person decides they are interested in a particular activity they are encouraged to take up work placements within this field (if old enough) and signposted towards further education courses and apprenticeships where appropriate.

During the course of the year, each project includes:

  •  A drama, music or dance production performed to a small audience. This may include rap, breakdancing,  DJing etc.
  • Creative work such as painting, photography, clay modelling or jewellery design 
  • A gardening program
  • Equine or canine training sessions
  • Sport skills workshops such as cycling, climbing, football etc.
A number of factors can affect our ability to excel academically such as mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression, as well as learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD etc.
Our projects are aimed at decreasing stress and promoting self-esteem as well as allowing outlets and direction for emotions which often helps those with anger management difficulties.
We currently have one project running in partnership with Woodlands secondary school supporting those with special educational needs and are looking to open our second project in autumn 2018.
If you or someone you know is interested in joining our project please get in touch.