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At Out of Class, we love everything creative and encourage the young people on the project to use their skills to develop a career using their strengths.

Below you can see how Desni uses art and sport to help her both cope with the pressures she faces as well as providing a positive career path.

We’re delighted that Desni has agreed to design a line of jewellery and photography items to be sold through OOC.

We can’t wait to see what she produces later in the year!

Meet the artist

“My name is Desni, I’m 18 and a creative arts student at Weston College. Although I have struggled through school with dyslexia, depression and anxiety, sports and art have always helped me through. Sport enabled me to release all of my bottled up adrenaline from anxiety and gave me a space to socialise without the pressure of a usual social environment.

By expressing myself artistically I have built my confidence back up after losing it through the focus of academic success in school. Art also enables me to express myself, understand myself and enjoy the world around me.

Although I still have bad days, exploration and adventure allow me to feel pride in the things I create. I am currently working on a number of items made specifically for Out of Class and look forward to sharing them with you later this year.”